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Ski Mask the Slump God - Foot Fungus Ringtone

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 The Cabuliwallah Story in English

a Time a Time there lived a writer with his wife and his little five-year-old daughter Mini Minnie Minnie was a bubbly little girl who could not go on moment without as asking questions and without a second to spare would move on to the next question giving her parents no time to reply e sky blue why do dogs have tails and we don't hold a a dish scrub top that it is used to wash dishes White why because they are dirty now go play somewhere else my ther mother who would often gets vexed by her inquisitiveness minis father adored it and their chats would be rather Lively one morning as the writer was in the midst of working on his novel mini ran into the room and I yell the doorkeeper call Zach Rowe Rowe how do anything does he cuz he cuz he before the writer could begin to explain the difference between languages spoken by different people she jumped onto a whole other topic of curiosity the re a s a t a our wl hn d child please go.

Name : Foot Fungus

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with bowler I am busy at that time many red and sat by the window which overlooks the main road that is where she saw the kabooliwala passing by on the road dry ss ver dry fruits oven ovens pistachio raisins a fruit seller that's sold a variety of nuts and fruits in a cloth bag that he carried with him very much very moment they could believe Allah turned and looked towards the child overcome by Terror little mini fled from her father's study and Ren and the kabali while I walked towards their door I am never going to get to finish this chapter in peace the writer went to the door to speak to the cupola Walla who was standing there smiling hello sir hello how is everything all is well that's good what do you have today I have some almonds raisins grapes and pistachios a a box of grapes and some almonds to Sure as the Kabul Ebola was about to leave he asked where is the little girls was standing behind the pillar near the door peeping at the cupola Bala and her father would happen my day ear my dear.

meet the kebuli Walla kabooliwala come it's rude to call someone and not speak to them he brought her out to where the kabooliwala was standing here have a few raisins many looked up at her father with an innocent look on her face go ahead have some do you like it it that was the first time mini met the day as the writer was leaving to go for some work he found his little mini sitting by the bench talking to the couple of Allah Cubberley Bala never before had she had such a patient listener to pay close attention to everything that she would say and just in the corner of her sorry there was a few nuts and raisins the Caboose well I had managed to gain the little girl's trust with a few dried you go ve you give that to her take this the writer handed over an 8 and a coin to the Temple of Allah who took it ew hours late r later when the writer got back home he found his wife intently questioning h by lve had given many.

on a coin to the little girl you go you get that from you to me how could you take it from him you must not take money like this from r over the next few days days the kabooliwala and Minnie became the best of friends he would come by often and sit and talk to many the two of them would have many quaint joke that would leave little mini extremely amused what do you have in your t rain t rain one 1 weather are you go ing going to the father father-in-law's house upon hearing this minis face was filled with the bewilderment are you going to go there a person of the Statue of the kabali Walla going to the father father-in-law's house would mean something else entirely it was a euphemism for jail a place where one is cared for at no expense of Their Own with the thought of the poor discomforted relative many would burst into a fit of laughter and the Cavalier all it would join her in a musement minis mother was quite.

with her little child talking to a grown men how many times do I have to tell you I really don't like her talking to that stranger beware of that man were h a v was a very timid lady and would often urge the writer to keep a watchful eye on the cob Ali Wella him to do not trust him I will make sure to keep a close watch on him him I can't believe I love with would often go to the house and even spend time talking to the writer about various matters where are you from Kabul right yes sir came here to make an honest living and early enough to support my family that is back home now once a year in the middle of January Ramen the kabooliwala would go back home to visit his family I ime of pro this time approached the kabooliwala would be quite busy collecting debts visiting is his customers a funnel Time of final time before he left would still make it a point to put aside his work and.