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RANDALL x Anas - Choix de vie Ringtone

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 a Time in a kingdom there was a pretty princess but she had to sell fish at the market everyone hardly believe when they heard the story no one could can understand why a beautiful princess like that had to do such a thing ish sound r like a princess I wonder why she has to do that job another nodded and said maybe she's planning something evil first we will talk about the princesses background she came from the Manticore Kingdom and she was the sole daughter if if the king for that Ellen was pampered a lot her father would always give her everything she wanted living in luxury had made her become arrogant and picky she didn't feel at ease with anyone at all do ill ch so much time like that she she had a strange disease that caused her to lose appetite she didn't want to eat anything and even threw away the food that was meticulously prepared by the chefs how can you say such a boring food like this do you all want to die right we.

Name : Choix de vie

Category : Remix

Quality : 256

weaker day by day day-by-day the King was very worried he ordered the servants to find someone who could he or his daughter go and publicize that anyone who can pins you are the princess will become her house sea e s o or information information a lot of people wanted to try their luck they brought the best dishes that they can make to serve the princess however they all failed and even got yelled at by the princess get out of here you useless what is this kind of food among the contestants there was a poor guy named Michael he had heard of the princesses Beauty and admire for a long time the king of finding a husband for the princess and I have to do something or I would never have another chance to if I missed it despite living in another Faraway Kingdom Michael decided to come there after hearing the news finally after a few days of walking the young man made it to the king's.

to join the contest Michael presented himself to the king and told him that he was the best chef your majesty do tation is the go ah ne no one could criticize but this dish will take a lot of time really what is that and how much time do you need to prepare this is the best dish ever made your majesty majesty that's all I can tell you to complete it I will need about one to two days turn but it is only delicious when it is the only meal of the day for the princess and and Helen were surprised at Michael's special dish did h es dishes that I have never tasted what a boaster let me see how delicious your dishes I'm really curious to know what it is to prepare all the cooking utensils for Michael but he only asked for a pot and some water this made the king even more curious Michael began to prepare the dish he put the secret ingredients into the pot and.

to cook ere for m sat there from early morning to late at night the king in the princess were impatient and unless they decided to come to the stream to see what Michael was cooking to do it but it seems like he is very confident now I'm really looking forward to see how is dish can help my daughter it's just a poster like other people I doubt that he could do any special thing it was after one day and one night that Michael brought the dish to serve the princess having eaten nothing for the whole day day the princess was indeed very hungry and she ate all the food that Michael just a just a fish that I caught in the Stream and steamed it your majesty your highness I believe that the princess was so familiar with the high-class dishes that she didn't have a chance to try normal food I've decided to cook this very normal dish for her purposely cook this dish for a long time so that the princess could enjoy the food better when she.

hungry and maybe my daughter could change her personality you wouldn't being with him l way the car n won the contest and was married to the princess after that the princess followed him to too. See a kingdom her annoyance to Michael he came up with another plan to make her become a better a ver everything she wanted but she never appreciated them I have to help her realize this my ke ael s Michael's home Ellen was truly disappointed to know that she would have to stay with him in this low condition house for the rest of her life she never imagined that one day she would be in this situation my dear Alan I'm just a poor Hunter I don't have any valuable assets except for This Old House from now on we will live together here why does a princess like me have to stay in this ugly have a ny have any solutions my dear Ellen this is all I have but if we.

hard together we can have a better house or even a palace like where you used to stay real really irritated but she had to accept living her this poor rt rt unt er to be come Hunter to become my husband no Michael would go hunting in the forest and Ellen would bring the fish to sell at the market her arrogant nature she could hardly get on well with everyone around so she couldn't sell anything despite going to the market.