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Rabba Mehar Kari Flute Instrumental Ringtone

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Elidore Story in English

Time in Good Old England there lived a little lad named Ella elidor who was being brought up to become a day day he would Treach from his mother's house all the way to the monks Crypt are you re d lie k n how would learn his ABCs ABC to read it and to write was he was a very very lazy boy and a little slow to to and as fast as he learn to write one letter he forgot another so it was very little progress he was making e moon h ey are ce monks saw this they tried hard to make him remember things using several methods but all of it was in vain soon their methods started to become more and more unbearable till elidor could not stand them any longer stop stop it ale the the door on the door ran wiping the tears from his face w he could knew he couldn't go home as his mother would not be very happy about.

Name : Rabba Mehar Kari

Category : Instrumental 

Quality : 256

leaving the script he ar a t nd a n he ran into the woods and kept running for two long days and nights hungry and thirsty at last he found himself at a hollow tree at the sound of a river sign of a river and there he sank down all tired and exhausted suddenly to two little elves appeared in front of him hello you seem to be the same sing to us home is not an option let me go with them orge y elidor went with them at first through an underground passage all in the dark but soon they came out into a most beautiful country with rivers and Meadows Woods in Planes as pleasant as can be there the Sun never Sean were all were always over the sky so that neither son was seen by day nor moon and stars at night elves live ell Ellen ledella door to their King who asked why and where he came from a t nk lish England where they make you study and remember things even if you don't want to the interesting we don't do that here tell.

what you shall attend on my son happily knotted and left and so so he'll adore became friends with a King's son and joined him and all the games and sports along with the other was was fair and hung up on their shoulders they had little horses about the size of greyhounds and did not eat flesh bowel bowel or fish fish but lived on milk flavoured with saffron and just as they had such curious ways so they had strange thoughts they didn't take olds and at the same time never uttered a why they would jiren scoff at men for their struggles line and treachery yet though they were so good they warship none unless you might say they were worshippers of Truth all all we y t Eleanor was having a good time time past passed and he soon began To long for home to see people of his own size he went to the king and speak permission to go and visit his mother very well you may go but you.

promise to come back after after a few days and if you fail to keep your promise this place will be forever lost to you I promise I will come back your highness at say that say that Eleanor left l lm es elves let lead him along the passage and guided him through the woods till he came near his mother's house there they waved him goodbye and disappeared eligor entered his house and seeing him his mother dropped all The utensils you been son what have you done I have missed you so much but why are you telling me some tell me I'm so I told her everything that it happened is his mother was astonished to hear it all but was happy that her son was finally home come on now home home, now go and take a warm bath I will make your favourite porridge ye so good to be back and soon it was time for Ella door to go back to the to to his mother and told her about it no I am not letting you go anywhere you are my son explained to her that he had made a promise and he has to honour were wept bitterly but Eleanor.

be back soon and bus elidor lived partly with the yells and partly with his mother go going well until one day when he was back to visit his mother he told her of the yellow balls they used in their play and which she felt sure must be of gold so she asked him to bring one of the balls back with him the next time he returned think about it it you have to do this son you have to I will see what I can do next time when the time came for him to go back to his mother again season 1 of the yellow balls which lake close by he rushed towards the passage the passage he hurt his screen green a text back with that of Marshal of The Elf Army had been casually strolling by what he saw elidor running away with the balls and gave Chase immediately of elidor ran and climbed out of the hollow he slept and the ball fell from his hands was.