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Mast Magan Ringtone ( Lofi Remix)

Somebody Else's Prince Story in English

Time in a Place far far away away is magical and mystical we're wimps and a kid g a kingdom who's King had a daughter gentian Ella and a son raimondo gentian Ella was blessed with a very kind heart a friendly wimp had told the king that he must keep his daughter hidden from the world as the day she sees the outside of the palace she will face great Danger if e a o s only one one way the walls will have to be so big that she can never see over them they can also made his children beautiful garden to play with gentian Ella garden with made at one end with a high stone wall surrounding it so she could never see outside it's on the other side of your brother nothing or something which you aren't supposed to see after all Father knows what's best for us by by and both the sibling loves their Garden they watered and took great care of it and gentian Ella's Garden stood out the best Pooh ce e.

Name : Mast Magan

Category : Lofi Remix

Quality : 256

grew into a young man men there came a day when he had to leave for a distant Place away from their Kingdom as a accustomed to his er do you show me but I will be left all alone in day duty dear sister uplift Your Heart by the thought that someday you may be able to have the company of a new friend may be a prince left and Jen pianella bid him farewell with a heavy heart day to put destiny into motion when the princess was sitting glum in her garden the same friendly win appeared on her Garden Wall being the poor princess princess said he started telling her the Wonders and granddaughters of the outside world what do you say seems like a dream to me how would I ever know if what you say is true cuz I can never seem to be on these huge a y t one way I can help you with way nd blow lifted the princesses princesses and both blue flew right over the huge wall.

whispered magic words in her ear so she could never fly on her own on the huge wall whenever she excited princess all over the wall for the first time she saw as far as her eyes could see that's when she saw another Garden just next to her own she saw a young prince there they're his name was amerilist he also saw the princess but was surprised at the how could she see him hello there I am princess Ella so ill high so happy and surprised that you can see me genti and Ella because my kingdom is invisible to everybody to have to have met you print the Maryland to be come a king to become invisible l Alert how e d the told the princess about his purse he told her that is his great-grandfather had made a winch very angry she cursed the kingdom and it became invisible for the rest of the world Prince amerilist also told the princess that he had to know that's named year grow the gardens Brightwood bright with beautiful flowers and if you failed he would be.

into the ry sad return you guy l urned your guard n bed ter garden better than more beautiful than you that's very kind of you and they started to meet everyday the princess would come over to the princess garden and helped him to make his garden better their friendship to wait for Daybreak to meet each other again but little did Princess gentian Delano that her days of Happiness were not going to last day day when a marriage license Garden was completed gentian Ellen noticed that even then he seemed unhappy during their list airless you don't seem to be happy Ella I am sad because I have hidden something from you now even though I have evaded the punishment with your help I still would have to marry the Witch's Daughter I 'm the judge t le e gentian Ella felt cheated she could not believe that all of this of this while the prince had hidden something so important from her to meet y the way ch er marry the s Daughter and you did.

care to tell me r I have no other choice that is the only way I can disenchant my kingdom I am so sorry Jen Manila to Nella princess gentille Alouette heart she ran away from there there she stopped meeting the prince she would lie around sadly in her Palace her smile had vanished prepare it started to worry about her then her mother who understood the reason of her sadness decided to intervene gentian Ella's mother try to make her understand the situation better on what I'm sure you're fine but that's a pretty thin him to be friends with but ter l Federer verse there is no point because it won't be ar . i thi child my dear child I understand bay y next next morning gentian Ella run to reconcile her friendship with Prince and Maryland amerilist to her disappointment the prince was not on the other side she tried calling out to him but got no reply left with no other choice she jumped down the wall in his garden and walked inside the invisible Kingdom of Prince p ro rl e ss princess walked with beer.

fear and apprehension into the invisible Kingdom she couldn't see a thing but could hear Whispers invoices Prince repair this is been taken away by the evil witch witch weird he be thrown into the the. Juice dungeons give o p if he gets married to The Witch's Daughter is a star w g a strong chance you could choose Jews being thrown into Junctions on hearing the citizens of the Kingdom talking about Prince's situation gentian.