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Kinna sona - Instrumental Ringtone

The Adventures of Isabella Story in English 

 time there was a nobleman who had a daughter called Isabella the nobleman was very proud of Isabella and he taught her all the Arts he loved Isabella could ride a horse like an Amazon fence Like a Warrior and swim like a a ll o also sweet and graceful in her manners and her heart moved with compassion in the face of anyone's paying weather that of a human or a beast when Isabella had grown up she longs to make it on her own in the world she told her father have to lked have taught me so much but I wish I can make a living for myself in the world I really would like to see for myself how good I am and what I can accomplish that is what the boy there's a father at this age but no boy boy has any better has any better very has any better very good girl and no girl is much better than a boy you do something about you do something about what one's heart desires and how capable one of these I know my daughter is capable call my darling darling for feel your dreams to take a very good care.

Name :  Kinna sona

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yourself and thank you Father I guess you were you that I was making you proud a t et a p t to out into the world there was a fountain in the middle of the town where people who needed employees to work for them and those looking for jobs would meet would meet Isabella went to that Fountain and saw a few men already there they were all looking a li a lady doing here looking for a job who says we've been been 10 or two jobs then do your jobs cook and clean it home Isabella said nothing more but remained standing stoic Lee at the fountain after a little while at all powerful man cave Riding on a huge horse another horse trotted along seeing him there most of the young men at the fountain turned around and Bay to leave the fountain Isabella was full of spirits in Goulds who will go.

live in such a desolate dangerous ire na ded r on look s like nd looks kind and Noble of course he would know how to protect his employees from the spirits in degrees in degrees and degrees are things at that you're that you run away like cowards won't do any of you all coming to work for me to even for a year then the and the enchanter road a long time and reached a desolate dead more deadmore the entire landscape was grey Rocky and Erie is a t out Isabella none of these Spirits are ghouls can harm you or you are constantly on their mind but under my protection on their mind but that's none of my enchantments can help if you let me hear enter your heart up up her mind that she would not let herself become afraid and she put all her energy into doing her job with the enchanter she proved to be able to cheated intelligent and efficient with the enchanter with Isabella's work that he begged her to stay another year and then another finally Isabella really wanted to get out of the more and see the Green fresh World once again just another year just another year I.

found an essayist and does a evil and is a feed Shabazz you I shall not be able to remain as as efficient as I am now I long to see the outside world again you have been such a wonderful kind Master much for that but I shall be doing a disservice to you if I stay longer for my heart won't be in it easy. I am so a n pain er impressed with your straightforwardness and honesty very well leave if you wish you would have served me so well that I wish to reward you n ain ing terior r it'll come alive and see it there when you run into any heat in danger and this Key Shuttle benanti bar in the world these necklace will protect you from in the evil enchantments ever in life are you need my help so Isabella spend some time with her father and set out in search of work yet again for her heart still long to Adventure she wanted to be employed in the army of the king and queen of the twelve Towers The general was impressed with her fencing skills boy or girl n improve r call you if you decide.

look and behave like a man you put ve you prove your worth on the printed impressed with you or I shall be able to persuade them to allow women in the army is the only way I think about it in the beginning Isabella hated the idea of dressing up like a boy just to get into the army joined the army later the prince of the land returned home after defeating not one one but three evil ogres he clearly was the bravest the noble noble Prince there ever was the kingdom was delighted to have him back that you have made of have made us so proud want ravel l honey with your travels honey you surely deserve a vacation why didn't you visit our friends the royal family of the valley of rivers this is the this is the most beautiful country in the world that is a wonderful idea mother.