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Kila Kila Bang Bang Ringtone

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near Lake far away to enjoy the Starlit Night when he came upon the bank at the lake he found a few pieces of linen lemons do fine if he had never seen before seeing no one around he picked up one piece of linen and put it in his pocket it would make a fine soft pillows Fred at at night I don't see what's keeping in his heart he heard m I t it be e at the s hour at this hour and what brings you here at this hour and I'm under which is better the which has tracked me on top of the Glass Mountain I have come here to have a dip in the lake lake lake poet have the piece of linen that you took took her not fly by I am so sorry I picked it up only because I saw no one around can you please get it back to me but you seem to be in great despair is there a way I could rescue you to Lynne Cheney you will have to come to the top of the glass mountains once you get back get most of the enchantment will be broken after that I can rescue my style but it.

Name : Kila Kila Bang Bang

Category : Remix

Quality : 256

be impossible for you to reach the glass now impossible is only for those who do not try tell me where the Glass Mountain is Princess diet Giant I'm asleep now and I can tell you no more boy was a was a brave fellow poop who feared nothing so he set out towards the Dark Forest when you reach there their beat his drum solo drums so loud the entire Forest seem to shake with the sound so Giants heard the noise the p tuff you uff you ace ece of me piece of my Forest at your own risk uge huge t tle fat la little fellow fellow. have to have feared you had I being alone but with this from I have called all my people to tell them that I have found you what can little humans like you do in W on their off ou know under underestimate us we humans are thinkers we will hide behind the trees in the forest and so so in your attempt to crushes you will end up to destroying your own forest then when you are tired.

have no Forest we will attack you with fire ou real ly the you may humans can do that to us if they couldn't they wouldn't send it find us what do we do now s a as only one is only one thing to do I can ask my people to turn back and leave you in peace but you must do one thing for me to do anything you say shops Paris of Fire very well in Yuma willing to take me to the top of the glass Glass Mountain all right all right we can get you there in an instant team people not to come back sure has began beating his drum again and the Giants thought he was asking his people to turn back the Giants placed the drummer in his palm and passed him from one Giants Palm to the next Giants Palm Beach hand of each Giant sending out to a mile send the drummer was at the top of the Glass Mountain thank you U ask your people to spare us of that you need not you in al ease were relieved re ad hed reached the.

hits four one tiny he knocked at the door and that the third knock a which opens the door possible for anyone is only for someone who does not try real traveller get some food and shelter here you must do some work for me are you sure will do whatever you ask of me p to k top be a t do in football the first comes out at night it it ind it impossible impossible only for those who do not try so me some strange witchy magical reason for this strange task or else the which might have killed me maybe there is a way to empty the pond with dry g a er drummer went to the pond with the symbol and started from moving the water but he could get out only a few drops at a time there was no way he could empty the London time pond in time by noon he was quite tired just said some princess came out of the house with a basket of food she spoke to him last year I will empty the pond with magic you just lie down here and sleep leave the princess turns the ring on her finger and.

the Palms dried up when the witch came to inspect the pond at night it was bewildered impossible is only for those who do not try morrow comes out a t out at night the drummer went into the forest and looked and searched but it sounds not a single flower by noon new and he was quite tired once again again the princess came to him with a basket of food I will make the bouquet with magic you just lie down here and sleep the princess turns the ring on her finger and immediately there appeared a thousand eyes of a Hundred Flowers age when the witch came to inspect them at night she was as honest is only for those who do not try as soon as the which purpose witch hurtis integrated free free if we drama how did I do that spell the witch had put on me could be broken only if someone tried to rescue me and it's 3 three impossible task past the first task was for you to get here once you reach the top of the mountain quest awake stop would.