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Wishes Granted Story in English

Time in a small Village in India there lived there lived sibel a thin and weak man his son who show was a naughty kid and would disturb the Peace of the villagers quite often do Bell having rheumatism couldn't run after real ly really too naughty Vikram what can I do my rheumatism is too bad and he is like an Agile Monkey so it Sushi O my my chicken day ew Shield roll ed rolled around in bed thinking there's a math test today but I don't want to go through she'll wake up son it'll be time for school soon go ache or child is it that bad sushil knotted miserably he was happy thinking his trick was working well then you can't go to school today all also miss the BOCES fireworks fireworks celebration what a shame he left the room leaving sushil horrified he had been looking forward to going to the BOCES to eat jelly beans and watch the fireworks this medicine will help you father I'm fine my stomach ache is gone back here hear this right now, unwillingly golf.

Name : Don't Rush

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the Whole bowl of nasty liquid setubal left the room and locked him inside father what are you doing would be better if you rested the whole day n the he door banged on the door but to no avail he cried bitterly was thinking hard doesn't know how lucky he is to be young I was to pampered by my parents and never studied I wish I was young again then I'd study the whole day and get the best of marks the day pass by pass by and in the end Sue bolland sushil quietly went to bed that night the fairy of desires visited their home you r your wishes so just what you want so badly day day Sue Bell woke up feeling very odd Why are my clothes so loose what is this really my body he ran into Sioux Shields room worried but instead of his son there was an old man sitting on the bed clothes are tight what happened to me to wish you a so we still so we still do you understand to see Sue ball as a child listen to his explanation with much shock well we've got our wishes we can do what ever we want don't scream.

loud I feel so rejuvenated I can't study like this I think I'll go out and fish no know since you were a kid then you have to go to school what go on I'm the adult now so do as I tell you still down was dumbstruck but meekly dressed up and went know what should I do I know I'll climb the tallest tree in this Village so he went out to the Village Center while walking his legs hurt and trembled maybe because it's a new eat me to time to get used to that as he reached he was only more tired isn't so bad I didn't do that he started to climb slowly struggling with each move more more I the sat on the lowest branch of the tree huffing and puffing so violently that the sounds brought people around but his friends didn't recognize him and only jeered at him people started giggling seeing an old men sitting in the tree tree the crowd burst into laughter including his friends.

at this he painfully stood up and limped away reaching home he found all home so early today I'm rabbit Rabbitt please give me some food I'm hungry hungry. That's why on ld hat Bub bubbles over to the kitchen and started to cook Arborio I'm horny Lee Arborio you hungry I'm horny Lee hungry be quiet and let me cook with tired by the time food was served but setubal hungrily wallet everything with gusto and lick his plate Joe n child morning sushil went out to gorge on some sweets these look amazing let's have a nice bite he had thought of getting some for Sue Bell but now changed his mind sushil taste had changed with his age but he didn't realize that school Super Bowl was bored listening to his lessons wire are why aren't you paying attention because I already know everything you're teaching what about telling me what I was talking about it's my science teacher and there's a plant drawing on the board well you were talking about the importance of plants and how they give us oxygen.

now now I'm taking art class today not science and you're supposed to draw this plant go and stand outside till lessons are over other hand other hand sushil was roaming around quite annoyed he had hardly dipped half his body in when he started to feel terribly cold out and walked back home he caught a miserable cold and the water had only worsened his rheumatism r was over and Stewball was returning home very downcast suddenly he saw some of his friends sitting on discussing something he went up to them and listen listened carefully as they spoke don't agree with you at all all don't you think you're being a bit harsh man men stared aghast at the little child who had boldly giving his opinion so Bell had completely forgotten that he was still a kid and his friends didn't recognize it as child are you haven't you Anna Manas man has go away don't come between elders dark by dark by the time he reached you you I'm not well enough to cook for you just rest I guess I'm going.